All that glitters….My Centerpieces!

Hello again!

My wedding is on February 15th so naturally my theme was predetermined…Valentines Day. However I do not want the cheesy Valentines Day theme complete with “Be mine” candies and pink frills. I am going for a more classy, romantic, and timeless Valentines Day theme. I am taking 2 of the most visible aspects of Valentines Day and putting them in my wedding…roses and hearts. My centerpieces will hold the rose aspect ( I will revisit where the hearts will go in another post).

The Centerpiece  vase is 20″ tall about 5″ in diameter. The Ball on top is 8″ with faux foam roses that are about 2″ wide. If you want to make this centerpiece you will need:

-Acrylic Sheet from Hobby Lobby ( link: )

-Foam Roses ( I ordered these:

-Rhinestone Mesh ( I purchased mine from various places but a quick search on Amazon will get you results)

-Heavy Duty Clear Packing tape

-Hot glue gun

-Glue sticks

-8″ foam ball ( ordered mine from ebay for $4. The vendor was with LA Crafts)

I am not going to go into too much detail so feel free to ask if you need me to give in depth details.

I took the acrylic sheet and bent it until t got a cylinder of the size i needed ( it is bendable but be careful and work slowly). I found that If I am folding the short ends to make the cylinder that having the ends overlap about 2-3 inches provided more support for the cylinder to actually LOOK LIKE a cylinder and not a warped cylinder. You may need some help with holding the cylinder and taping the cylinder. You will need to tape the outside and inside with the clear heavy duty tape. Once you are done taping stand your cylinder up and admire that you have something that looks like one of those pricey glass vases for only $3 🙂

Next you will need your rhinestone mesh, hot glue gun, and glue sticks to glue the mesh to the cylinder. I had teh 5 inch mesh and did not like the line of demarcation between the layer so i added another decorative “rhinestone” to cover the line of demarcation. You are done with your vase so now you can do your rose ball by simple hot gluing the rose heads to the ball. Note: Wear gloves while doing rose ball because the roses color will bleed onto your hands.

That’s all! Wishing you luck and I am here to answer questions!

The countdown to wedding day!!!

Wedding Wire is telling me that I have 58 more days until my wedding…Argggh! However I am still day 5 into doing my invitations with no end in site!!

I didn’t start this blog to complain ( I promise I didn’t). I started this blog because I have relied HEAVILY on Pinterest to for projects, ideas and the like. Pinterest has been a BLESSING! I decided to “pay it forward” so to speak and post a few of my DIY projects from my wedding so that I can help brides that are planning a wedding on a budget.

Throughout this blog I will backtrack with my overall plan and vision for my day but mainly I will stick to the DIY’s.

A few of my current and ongoing DIY projects are:


-Uplighting ( delegated to my near future Mister)

– Invitations

– Tablecloths ( delegated to my amazing seamstress mother)

– My sash for my wedding dress

and the list does not stop…literally.

Overall I am excited to share all of my endeavors with you and hope that you find this blog enlightening.